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released January 31, 2019

Produced by Hard Men Working Hard
Hard Men Working Hard (HMWH) is Aciou, Lakembra and Samglaze

Mixed and mastered by Samglaze at Bad Pizza Studios, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Cover art: HeHeSilly
Liner art: HeHeSilly, Wormwood and Clay Burton


all rights reserved



HMWH Australia

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Track Name: Dogs
Here in my car
I am starting to drink
And I'm feeling alright
Hey, is that a dog bite?
In cars

Here in my car
Won't you please take a seat?
I know it's cold on the street
But hey, the rent's cheap
In cars

Here in my car
Where my life is breaking down
Will you blow into this please?
'cause I just drank Listerine
In cars

Here in my car
I feel the wind in my face
I can't eat any chocolate
But liquors A-OK!
In cars

Here in the car
I hope my owner comes back
Because the windows are up
And it's getting quite hot
In cars

Here in this car
I don't have a license
I can't even drive cars
I am just a dog
In a car
Track Name: The Loli Con
Every now and then you come across someone online
Whose palate is a little more refined than the average guy
Like Digibro see, he's a prince of pederasty,

A rap god, anime fancier, a connoisseur of cunny
And he's making money off an audience of retards and half-breds
Who can eat lead for all I care

Anime was a mistake and I'm the eraser
God save ya, I can't explain it
No taste these guys, "No tits, no hips, no ass, damn fine" they'd say
I swear that shit is fuckin gayer than prison rape
But at least the gays have the decency to, say I don't know, fuck men their own age?

2D not pig disgusting is what they say
And while it's just a drawing on a page
The thing that makes you cum is that she's underaged

"What about violent video games? They don't make you violent."
Nice try guy but you wanted to fuck kids before you struck upon this shit, So I do not buy it

"It's an outlet for my urges"
Tell me when do we start the purge cause pedofags are a bunch retarded spergs and a scourge upon this earth

"You're a philistine who runs on feels"
And you're a pedophile who should be killed
Or at least return to the hills, this ain't Kansas faggot so click your heels

I'm a big fan of jerking my cock
to illustrations of little girls getting [STOP]

"Dick, understand this, I can't quit
I'm up to my dick in A-cup tits
And flat chested kids.
I'm on the front lines of this shit"

"So call me sick, if it'll help you sleep
But I will fight for this, and when they call me creep
I will remind them that they're all next in the crosshair and their loss here
will mean a loss everywhere."

"It starts with no more Boku No Pico freaks
on the streets, then jokes about minorities
Until it affects everything and everybody, Im sorry, I can't stand idly by while they take away my life
I will fight for pedo rights til I die"

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
Is he mentally compromised?
Sean its time. Cut his line.
Delete everything and set it all on fire.

"There's nothing inherently wrong with imagining a toddler
sliding up and down your dong,
As long as they're not really there
It's all in my mind and I'm in the clear"

Your mind is fucked up,
Now my ears need a good scrub
after listening to you flap your tongue
about how you like your pussy young.

I'm sorry, a cunny is not honey and you're not a bee,
actually you're a plague on society
And were it up to me you'd be the first to see a noose and swing from a tree, Digi stop!

I'm a big fan of jerking my cock
to illustrations of little girls getting [STOP]
Track Name: Party For Me (Homo Mix)
Fate twists and I'm here with you
I never thought I would make it
Shake hands with the Devil just to be with you again my baby

Cracked lips are calling to you
There's no chance to mistake it
The sound of victory ringing in my ears it soothes so sweetly

Take flight, get back and face it
You, me and the sunset racing
We'll never again be here to feel the wind, it's chill embracing

Step up, breathe deep and place bets
Lock eyes with the house forsaken
All in, I've got nothing left to lose, this time it's me who takes it
Track Name: Mundane Rap
​I got a tale of a quote unquote "man" who cried online and 
no matter what he tried he couldnt get verified but
Day after day he's slaving away making mundane shit he's ashamed of 
its right there in his name cuz!

At least it's truth in advertising right?
But for the life of me I can't say why you'd wanna subscribe
Just another member of the (((tribe))): the YouTube Commentariat
With none of the charm or personality to thrive or carry it

Scary how a jack of no trades and master of suckin'
Can get a fucking play button for doing nothin'
But runnin' his gluttonous mouth and rehashing the news for views
Without insight or humour, a useless consumer of

A hand-width of empty space between his ears
Fake tears and sweat beads and collects under his necks while he reads a form letter
Show some fucking decorum you bed wetter
Listen to your betters and get a clue

Wiggity, wiggity (n*gger)
Jesus Matt, you're a killer
You better keep it down or they'll hear and come after your career what I'd say if there were any career to take
But it's deader than Heath Ledger circa 2008

And I'd say you were edgy if you had any edges
But you're so fat you can't remember when you last saw your pecker
So try and cool it with the pedophilic apologism
It really isn't the image you wanna be giving your kids, is it?

MUNDANE MATT (Mundane Matt)
HES A FALSE FLAGGING RAT (False flagging rat)
AND HES GOT NO SACK (He's got no sack)

CUMSTAIN MATT (Cumstain Matt)
HE'S A FALSE FLAGGING SNITCH (False flagging snitch)
AND HES GOT NO DICK (He's got no dick)

Lavon and Ajax, Sandy and Tonkin
Tell me Matt, what do these names have in common?
Relax before you false flag this rap
I don't mean you ill-will, I just think you're a hack, yep

A hack and a whore, a joke and a bore
A rat and waste of cum
That shouldn't be born, mistake and a snake
And a sackless cunt
Dad bodied, ad-blocking warrior, sorry sort, formless blob and gormless, mouth-breathing, neutral hot taker shilling patreon!

Riding the fence 'til your pussy aches
Backstabbing people while you cry in pain
Trying to be neutral, keeping lies in your pocket
The only thing you have in common with the Swiss is your love of chocolate

But you lost it
Any goodwill you had is long gone and it's never coming back
You cracked, your rep's carcinoma, 
time to reset your life 'cause your career is over

Hang your head in shame and with any luck
You can walk away but your name is mud
You can apologize but it's never enough
You talked tough big guy but we called your bluff

And now you're crying tears
Wait stop, hold up. Grab my violin.
Sucks to be you cunt!
But I say all that so I can say just this
You're not irredeemable, you're just a piece of shit, Matt.

MUNDANE MATT (Mundane Matt)
HE'S A FALSE FLAGGING RAT (And he's fat, and he's...)
AND HES GOT NO SACK (And that's a fact 'cause)
JIM MADE SURE OF THAT (Ha! That's right, sing it)

CUMSTAIN MATT (Cumstain Matt)
HE'S A FALSE FLAGGING SNITCH (Tell me why, baby)
AND HES GOT NO DICK (Hit me with it now)
NAH, HE'S A SOY FILLED (Shit, sing it)

AND HES GOT NO SACK (Give em a squeeze, give em a...)

AND HES GOT NO DICK (He's got no dick)
Track Name: Drill-Her
Don't mind me
It's close to midnight and something alpha's lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight you know that prepping’s just about to start
You try to scream, but penis fills your mouth before you get to
You start to freeze as the bull looks you right between the eyes
He'll fuck your wife

[Chorus ]
He's gonna drill her, drill her right.
His wife is gettin’ pounded by the bull loose in the house!
He's gonna drill her, yeah fuck his wife
And let him hold her hand while he'll just drill her, drill her, his wiiife.

You hear your wife scream and realize the bull's about to cum
You squeeze her warm hand and wonder if she’s gonna have a son
You close your eyes and think ‘there’s nothing inherently wrong with this’
But all the while you hear the bull creepin' up behind, he says “clean up your wife”


Alpha men call
And the cucks start to talk in their facebook groups
There's no escapin' the cock of the bull this time (so open wide)
Present the men to your wife

They're here to see her; there's people lining up outside
Sit in the next room, unless you want the bulls to go in dry
Now is the time for you to watch them cuddle close together
All through the night they'll fuck her because you can't make her scream they'll make you see


(He's gonna drill her tonight)

Cuckness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Alphas crawl in search of wives
To liven up their dull sex lives
And whosoever is not given
The penis size for pleasing women
Must kneel and face the cocks of bulls
And prep them til their wives are full

The foulest stench will deck the halls
The funk of forty thousand balls
And strangers in a hotel room
Left gifts inside your woman’s womb
And though you fight to stay together
Your jimmies are well rustled
For no beta male can resist
The call of the cuckold
Track Name: Makin' Hay
Last night I had a dream.
I was walking through a field of green.
All my fears disappeared and my debts wiped clean.
I was living in the lap of luxury

But when I woke up I knew something was wrong
Everything I thought I had before was suddenly gone
But I won't let my dreams be dreams no more
I'm gonna say fuck it, grab the bull by the balls and I'll

Get the money, get the paper, get the dosh
I'll get lods of emone, I can buy what I want and I'll
Get the scrilla, get the dollars, get the cash
I'll get a pocket of shrapnel and a handful of clams

And I'll be rolling in pennies and nickels a plenty
I got dimes in my eyes and quarters on my mind
I'm building my empire a single coin at a time
I'm stacking em up high so everybody can admire

I want a big house and a flashy car and a
Trophy wife with a tight little cunt and a
Private island where I can do what I want
I'll spend the rest of my days just making her cum

And I don't care how it comes to me,
If I gotta spill a little blood, c'est la vie
No price too high to reach the summit of dreams
You gotta sacrifice 'cause nothing in life is free, you gotta...

Get That Bread
Make That Hay
I wanna be so rich it'll make you sick
Buy and sell your life and make you my bitch

Rise and Grind
There's money to make and it won't make itself
You gotta get your hands dirty if you want that wealth

I'll get the cheddar, get the moolah, get the ducats
I got so much money I don't give a fuck I let my looks go,
Getting by on a smile and a sick flow,
telling chicks "Hey babe, I'm big on the dick show"

A fat wallet to accompany my fat dick
and fat tits, the fact is
you don't have to be Brad Pitt to fuck a stacked bitch,
it's the cash in your bank she finds attractive

I wanna fly high and get fucked up
Drinking brandy, getting handies from the stewardess with D-cups
Getting loaded snorting coke right of her fat butt
And bust a nut right in her face and laugh

'cause I'm a cunt? Yeah, but I'm a rich one.
I'm gonna live fast and probably die young,
It's what i want? nah, it's what I need son,
You better stand back, I'm gonna get some

I wanna climb the heights of the tallest tower
And drag my nuts through the corridors of power
I want supermodels giving me golden showers
And dry myself off with egyptian cotton towels

I wanna own a slave just to say I do
Then buy him a slave so he can feel good too
I wanna live the life of a Hollywood Jew
I mean it in the nicest way though (please don't sue)

I want Saudi prince shit in your mouth money
Buy your daughter and turn her out money
French rape-chateau, Bohemian Grove,
Satanic banker with a penchant for underage hoes money

Filthy rich is the way to live
If this is Capitalism I could get used to it
'cause there's no feeling like holding a dollar over another
And watching 'em squirm and suffer abuse for it

I wanna be so rich I can buy your bitch
And do some real sick shit while you look the other way, gotta...
There's money to make and it won't make itself
You gotta get your hands dirty if you want that wealth.

Get That Bread
Make That Hay
I wanna be so rich it'll make you sick
Buy and sell your life and make you my bitch.

Rise and Grind
There's money to make and it won't make itself
You gotta get your hands dirty if you want that wealth.

(I'm gonna be the king man, I'll get a motorcycle and a sleeping bag)
(...and 10-15 girls, I'll get all the money in the world)
(I'll make that money man. I'll roll those nickels.)
(The game is mine. I deal the cards.)

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