The Loli Con

from by HMWH

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Every now and then you come across someone online
Whose palate is a little more refined than the average guy
Like Digibro see, he's a prince of pederasty,

A rap god, anime fancier, a connoisseur of cunny
And he's making money off an audience of retards and half-breds
Who can eat lead for all I care

Anime was a mistake and I'm the eraser
God save ya, I can't explain it
No taste these guys, "No tits, no hips, no ass, damn fine" they'd say
I swear that shit is fuckin gayer than prison rape
But at least the gays have the decency to, say I don't know, fuck men their own age?

2D not pig disgusting is what they say
And while it's just a drawing on a page
The thing that makes you cum is that she's underaged

"What about violent video games? They don't make you violent."
Nice try guy but you wanted to fuck kids before you struck upon this shit, So I do not buy it

"It's an outlet for my urges"
Tell me when do we start the purge cause pedofags are a bunch retarded spergs and a scourge upon this earth

"You're a philistine who runs on feels"
And you're a pedophile who should be killed
Or at least return to the hills, this ain't Kansas faggot so click your heels

I'm a big fan of jerking my cock
to illustrations of little girls getting [STOP]

"Dick, understand this, I can't quit
I'm up to my dick in A-cup tits
And flat chested kids.
I'm on the front lines of this shit"

"So call me sick, if it'll help you sleep
But I will fight for this, and when they call me creep
I will remind them that they're all next in the crosshair and their loss here
will mean a loss everywhere."

"It starts with no more Boku No Pico freaks
on the streets, then jokes about minorities
Until it affects everything and everybody, Im sorry, I can't stand idly by while they take away my life
I will fight for pedo rights til I die"

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
Is he mentally compromised?
Sean its time. Cut his line.
Delete everything and set it all on fire.

"There's nothing inherently wrong with imagining a toddler
sliding up and down your dong,
As long as they're not really there
It's all in my mind and I'm in the clear"

Your mind is fucked up,
Now my ears need a good scrub
after listening to you flap your tongue
about how you like your pussy young.

I'm sorry, a cunny is not honey and you're not a bee,
actually you're a plague on society
And were it up to me you'd be the first to see a noose and swing from a tree, Digi stop!

I'm a big fan of jerking my cock
to illustrations of little girls getting [STOP]


from HMWH 2018 GOTY Edition, released January 31, 2019


all rights reserved



HMWH Australia

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